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We do not have a separate subscription just to the New York Times but we do have the NY Times in our newspaper databases. There are several good ways to find articles from the Science section of the NY Times:

1. Check out the Science Times Facebook page

2. Try the Science Times section of the online NY Times;

3. Go to Room 102 on the first floor of the Library and ask for the print copy of the Science Section of the NY Times. 

4. Do an advanced search on the newspaper database Newspaper Source Plus.  Include the publication title - New York Times, the subject Science and limit the dates to the last 6 months. (This is the least precise way to insure that it come from the Science section of the NY Times.) 

If your professor wants the article to come from the database, you can find it using method #1 or #2 and then search for it in the database (method #4) using information you have including the title, author and of course New York Times as your source.

I hope this works for you! 

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